Polling/audience interaction

Every day meetings are held for varying different reasons, some more informal than others but the outcome is always the same, the communication of ideas in a collective forum environment. We sometimes worry about the environment of the meeting; is it comfortable? are the chairs in the right positions? do we have all the information to impart on our audience? have we the right people to convey the materials to the audience? All of these things are important but one of the emerging questions that is becoming more prevalent is how to interact, in a meaningful way with the audience in larger meetings.

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The obvious choice in the past has been the opportunity for questions at the end of presentations, microphones around the room to amplify the questions for presenters and audience and even hands up or shouting out to see if there is agreement for an idea. None of these methods are very measurable or, in some cases, very accurate. How do you get ideas from those whom rarely speak up? Many people are not the type to shout or use a microphone and, usually the loud people get their say. Some even just loving the sound of their own voice or have strong opinions about previous discussed and discarded ideas. Even when it comes to putting up your hand to agree or disagree, many feel self conscious so, yet again, not great results and nothing that you can take away and use to measure.

Many presenters want to know if their talk is being listened to or even relevant to the audience in front of them? Many presenters use their expertise in trying to gauge their audience but this doesn’t always work and relies on intuition not stats which cannot always be reliable either.

All these are reasons to use polling or audience interaction, Xtravision digital have all the resources to make these problems a thing of the past using the audiences smartphones, who doesn’t want to look at their phone anyway, huh?