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Live streaming, webinars or streaming - call it what you like! Well, now it’s easier than ever to do, but is very hard to do well. People not being heard, camera blurry, internet issues, presenter in the dark, the list goes on and on. Fortunately it can be fixed if you use the right service. Xtravision Digital creates a high quality webcasts to the masses using the right equipment and the expertise. We produce webcasts in a easy to read format that anyone can view online. Slide and headshot side by side with branding and custom made background as standard, not optional extras. Q&A text boxes can be used for questions from the audience or tweet walls to give presenters instant feedback, even if they don’t want it! You can stream to Facebook,YouTube, Periscope, Vimeo, Twitch or use a private streaming platform, the choice is yours. Even streaming to multiple platforms is possible and helps to reach a wider audience. If your information is sensitive we can use security to ensure your audience are the ones you invited and not your competitors.