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Live streaming, webinars or streaming - call it what you like! Well, now it’s easier than ever to do, but is very hard to do well. People not being heard, camera blurry, internet issues, presenter in the dark, the list goes on and on. Fortunately it can be fixed if you use the right service. Xtravision Digital creates a high quality webcasts to the masses using the right equipment and the expertise. We produce webcasts in a easy to read format that anyone can view online. Slide and headshot side by side with branding and custom made background as standard, not optional extras. Q&A text boxes can be used for questions from the audience or tweet walls to give presenters instant feedback, even if they don’t want it! You can stream to Facebook,YouTube, Periscope, Vimeo, Twitch or use a private streaming platform, the choice is yours. Even streaming to multiple platforms is possible and helps to reach a wider audience. If your information is sensitive we can use security to ensure your audience are the ones you invited and not your competitors.


is webcasting for my company?

Streaming is perfect for staff announcements especially over companies that have multiple offices, allowing all staff to get the same information at the same time without having to transport all staff to one location.

Do you have an important interstate or overseas expert in your office for a visit? Take advantage and stream their presentation or interview them on a live stream for a more intimate interaction, this can be used to educate customers and create a buzz around your services or products.

Why not stream some of your work in action, many customers might be interested in seeing what you do behind the scenes. Don’t be scared to show them. Customers are willing to use companies that they trust and if they see how you do it, why wouldn’t they trust you?

Conferences, product launches, customer days can all be streamed live to give everyone the opportunity to be involved but it also gives you the content to revisit via social media and marketing for reminding your customers about your product or next event.

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Polling/audience interaction

Every day meetings are held for varying different reasons, some more informal than others but the outcome is always the same, the communication of ideas in a collective forum environment. We sometimes worry about the environment of the meeting; is it comfortable? are the chairs in the right positions? do we have all the information to impart on our audience? have we the right people to convey the materials to the audience? All of these things are important but one of the emerging questions that is becoming more prevalent is how to interact, in a meaningful way with the audience in larger meetings.

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The obvious choice in the past has been the opportunity for questions at the end of presentations, microphones around the room to amplify the questions for presenters and audience and even hands up or shouting out to see if there is agreement for an idea. None of these methods are very measurable or, in some cases, very accurate. How do you get ideas from those whom rarely speak up? Many people are not the type to shout or use a microphone and, usually the loud people get their say. Some even just loving the sound of their own voice or have strong opinions about previous discussed and discarded ideas. Even when it comes to putting up your hand to agree or disagree, many feel self conscious so, yet again, not great results and nothing that you can take away and use to measure.

Many presenters want to know if their talk is being listened to or even relevant to the audience in front of them? Many presenters use their expertise in trying to gauge their audience but this doesn’t always work and relies on intuition not stats which cannot always be reliable either.

All these are reasons to use polling or audience interaction, Xtravision digital have all the resources to make these problems a thing of the past using the audiences smartphones, who doesn’t want to look at their phone anyway, huh?


Why Polling?

Answer key questions that you or, with Xtravision help, have prepared before the event.

It can interfaces with all IOS, android, windows (or if you are still living in the dark ages, Blackberry and even straight SMS) and allows the audience to answer questions with real time answers displayed on the big screen. Questions can be multiple choice, open text, surveys, quiz types or heat maps and show the presenters great insight to how they are presenting to.

Helps the audience to engage and remain anonymous especially if the question would normally gain a political response if a show of hands were asked for. When panel experts get together, what better way to get them to discuss the things the audience actually want to hear and not ones decided by a small group or even one person.

Feedback surveys at the end of the meeting or conference on their smartphone encourages all participants to give feedback right there and then rather than take them away and never filling them in, this guarantees a massive change in your responses, higher than 90%.

Has measurable results with a full soft copy of the answers provided for KPI’s. This shows the audiences responses to all questions and gauges what worked and what didn’t. Feedback for the presenters allows for self improvement, Feedback for subjects allows for relevant topics to be actioned.  

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video production

The internet has changed the way we create content, not only with the access to new technology but through the necessity of staying relevant. Youtube is allowing the inexperienced to rattle the professionals by using new methods and getting amazing results. In contrast, Youtube is full of rubbish by amateurs that don’t know one end of a camera to another. Take a look

So,at Xtravision Digital, we like to use some pro tools and mix it up with some newer techniques to create engaging videos that people enjoy watching. From 10 second teasers to multi day shoots we can produce a video for you to your specifications or concept.


DO i need video production?

Without video production your company is likely to become a relic. The average Joe uses his/her smartphone for over four hours a day (research from Hackernoon in 2017) with the top app being YouTube. Videos are a smart engagement for you to reach your audience.

Most people are visual and therefore find video content easier to consume.

If you want your company or association to have a personality, video is the way to shine through, larger companies have been doing this for years via television but now all companies have a chance to show themselves with good content online.

Exposure these days require video to engage, most people won’t read (what’s the point in me writing this then!), but produce a video that has content they want to watch and you will make your brand an asset.

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event production

Events are one of the most stressful projects that you will ever be involved with. Event Coordinator was listed as number 5 in the top ten most stressful jobs * Source: Forbes “The 10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2017”

It seems impossible as they are not life or death, but the fact is that, it has to be perfect and it is an absolute deadline each time.

The organising of the production can be daunting and that’s where we come in and you can sit back and have a cup of tea, because we are sure that you would have nothing else to do!


can i organise it myself?

Sure event production can be done by anybody but it depends at what level of stress you are willing to cope with!

Most AV companies will tell you that they will help you with everything but who organises the presenters? where are the holding slides? who do I give this video to? Who is going to make this event look seamless?

Xtravision Digital have a team of experts in this field and make your event the star it should be.

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VR and AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality are newcomers into the event space. Although AV has always strove to create a fantasy space, it cannot do it as well as virtual. Samsung and Oculus rift have allowed the consumer to live in these worlds through gaming and it’s time more events embraced this technology. You can show your products virtually without the need to transport the audience there. Factory tours can be achieved within a conference room. It is much easier now to use augmented reality to show new ideas via an ipad or smartphone by creating touch points throughout a space giving the delegate the information about that area without having to ask. Showing sponsorship in different areas reminding the audience of product or new showcase that is coming up.


NFC & Audience Tracking

So you have all the boxes ticked for the conference and you have all your delegates registered but where are they going? What has made them come to the conference? What can you improve on to get more delegates and more sponsorship. Indoor localisation allows you to track your audience through the function space. Find the hotspots, allow your delegates to find your experts and have great data to show your sponsors for what they did well and what can be improved. If you want to get a bigger budget next year you need the data to show what works.